About Us


The acceleration of digital transformation nowadays leads us to the exponential growth of the needs of connectivity, down to the low middle-class segment that currently is excluded from digital empowerment. The High Throughput Satellite (HTS) as a new product that potentially optimize the impact of broadband internet penetration, starts the emerging opportunities in Indonesia’s digital transformation.

Akses Satu Nusantara (ASN), as one of the satellite operators in Indonesia and in collaboration with Kacific stated its mission to help ISPs and telecommunications operators to provide connectivity to this segment in rural and extra-urban areas, as well as provide solutions for business, government and society in the region. to participate in the digital world.


Total Customer

Currently there are 300 customers spread across Indonesia

Team Support

Guaranteed call center 24 hours 7 days a week. Experienced Network Operation Center (NOC) which standby for technical support by 24/7.

Bandwith Monitoring

Reliable Multi Router Traffic Graph (MRTG) to monitor bandwidth utilisation


No need for a contract (Can be terminated at any time, and relocated or restarted at any time). The administrative process is straightforward and non-hassle.

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